Keep On Keeping On

A word to everyone out there who is on the Trying to Conceive (TTC) roller-coaster… whether you just got on the ride or you’ve been on the ride for years and you’re desperately ready to get off and wonder if it’s EVER going to end…  Our Single Mothers by Choice (SMC) online Forums can often focus so much on the difficult parts of this journey, and sometimes it helps to have someone say something different, so…

Keep on keeping on.  It is frequently a hard and brutal journey, and it is almost always more difficult than we anticipated.  It’s often emotionally overwhelming to be SO ready to move forward at the same time that you’re grieving over the fairy tale.  And the longer the ride goes on the greater the emotional toll and the more you question yourself.  But be strong and just think about how the last mile of a marathon is always the hardest, how those who finish are those who just stay focused on the goal they set for themselves and how much they wanted it before they crossed the start line.  Don’t think about the pain in your feet or the stitch in your side or the dozens of other parts of the race that make you want to quit. Don’t question whether or not you want this.  You decided that before you got in the race.  Focus instead on how much you want this and how you will get there… even if the journey is long and painful.  The pain falls away after you cross that finish line, and when it does you realize you are stronger than you ever knew you were.

Hang in there.  It’s not an easy journey.


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