Making the Leap

I just purchased my first vials for intrauterine insemination (IUI)! I was terrified to pull the trigger, but I feel surprisingly excited and relieved! After almost 4 years of “thinking” it feels so good to take control and actually move forward. I thought it might make me really sad to actually purchase the vials because it would mean it is all becoming very real that I’m doing it on my own. But it actually made me feel so happy to know it is now becoming real and I am one step closer to having a baby!

After purchasing, I called my mom and announced, “I am now the proud owner of $4000 worth of semen!” We both laughed hysterically. When I told her I joined the “Semen Club” to get special discounts and offers, she almost peed her pants!! I have found that keeping a sense of humor about this whole crazy, insane, emotional process has been so helpful. I know it might be a long road ahead to get to the point of actually holding a baby in my arms, so it’s either laugh or cry, and right now I am laughing. I’m sure there will be many tears in the months ahead, so I am going to savor this moment, marinate in the pride I feel for taking such a difficult step, and try to carry the feeling with me throughout the IUI.

Best wishes to all in moving from Thinking to TTC!



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  1. I’m so excited to have found this site. I’m 35 and tired of waiting for “Mr. Right” and decided to have a baby on my own. I am currently in the middle of the dreaded waiting period. I had my first IUI just over a week ago. My monthly joy is due to start tomorrow, I’m not supposed to test until the weekend and I’m going nuts. So happy to hear many success stories from you all. Baby dust for everyone!!

  2. When I read your post, I remember the time I was to try for IUI. It was the same feeling but in my case I got so excited even with my first ovulation because I could solve my PCOS issue first before IUI. Also suprise to me that I got pregnant with the first try IUI.
    Good Luck to all the women who try IUI!

  3. When I started buying sperm, I started thinking, “Oh my god, there’s free sperm EVERYWHERE!” whenever I saw dudes on the bus, in the street, at the grocery store, etc.

    Lol. I’m pregnant now, so those thousands of dollars were worth it, but oh my, it’s still hard to believe how many thousands of dollars I spent on sperm…

  4. I recently took the plunge as well!!! I was not successful with my first IUI attempt, but I’m currently in my 2WW with my second try and I’m hopeful that I’ll get a BFP. Nice to hear that some people are nailing it on their first try – now I’m even more hopeful!

  5. I’m very much a thinker fast moving to trying and the shopping part is odd and interesting….sort of moved from online dating to this. I’m waiting for the “you’ll know” feeling while reading donor profiles. Does it come?

    1. I got some help from friends and family after I narrowed it down a bit. They all chose the same #1 pick as I did so that was the moment I “knew”. But if it doesn’t work I may have to change donors eventually so I’m trying not to get too attached to this one.
      Good luck!!

  6. I did the same thing and am due in November! It felt so crazy to “shop” for a donor. I was happy that I was able to purchase my first choice. Best wishes to all!

  7. So excited to hear that some women are getting pregnant on the first try! I am prepared for whatever happens, but success the first try would be so amazing!! My first IUI will be in about 12 days!!
    Best to everyone! Wendy

  8. I just bought my unit yesterday and left the fertility office 30 minutes ago! I am being inseminated this Saturday. Fingers crossed! Good luck to you all too!

  9. I just did the same 3 weeks ago and I agree it felt crazier buying the semen than actually doing the IUI. I found out yesterday I am pregnant off the first round. I wish you similarly good luck!

    1. I took the leap last November. I drove around for two days with semen in the back of my car as I waited to ovulate. CRAZY! Must have helped because it took on the first try doing IUI. I’m due at the end of August with a little girl. Sending baby dust your way!

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