What We Are Thankful For

Some of our members recently posted about what they are thankful for as we approached the Thanksgiving holiday here in the US. These are some of their representative thoughts, and here’s hoping that everyone had a good Thanksgiving.

My great job and the staff I work with
My wonderful sisters and family
My friends
Single Mothers by Choice (SMC)
The donor sibling registry, which connected Shane and I to his half siblings and their families
Our freedom
The natural beauty around me and the glorious pair of eagles I see every day on my way to work
My son’s donor, who gave me the greatest gift in life
And, trumping everything is my precious son. There is no greater joy in life to me than this wonderful, funny, and compassionate child. I am most thankful for being his mother.

Jennifer A.

I’m thankful for my family, who not only didn’t bat an eye when I proposed to go all SMC, but told me I should have done it earlier.
I’m thankful to live in beautiful New England.
I’m thankful for old friends, new ones, and the ones I haven’t met yet.
I’m thankful for the fun I pack into every day, mindful that many have concerns that begin and end with survival and who lack the resources to experience fun.
I’m thankful that even though I’m the most fortunate woman on the planet, I’m still allowed the opportunities and challenges of the human condition, and no one ever begrudges me a whine-fest when I think I’d like one.

Robin S.

* I’m thankful that I found this community and the support it offers.
* I’m thankful that I get to parent my son – I can’t imagine any other child who I could enjoy spending time with more or who makes me laugh so much.
* I’m thankful that my family are all living locally and I don’t have to deal with a long distance commute home to visit for Thanksgiving.
* I’m thankful for the home I have and the beautiful things that fill it (too many of them but I’m working on it!)
* I’m thankful that I got my new Kindle Fire yesterday and as I explained to my 7 year old, we are very lucky to be able to afford not just the things we need, but some of the things we want.



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“I joined SMC when my son was a baby, and he's about to turn 21! The wealth of knowledge and support I've received from SMC got me through some really hard times and I found some great friends. We are a diverse group, and yet we are wholeheartedly there for one another.”

– Nancy N