I Love Mommy

My baby daughter, now four weeks old,  has several outfits that say, “Mommy rocks” or “I love Mommy.” But, I know that she really doesn’t understand these things and can’t form her own opinion, yet.  At times the challenges of being a new mom are daunting. However, it’s no secret that I love my little baby.

Here are a few of the things about her that I’m enjoying now:

1.      The way she will be crying her little eyes out, I can pick her up, and it’s like suddenly shutting off the water from a gushing spigot. Some would say she’s spoiled. Well, yes, and your point?
2.       The way I can get her to burp.  I bounce Boop a few times, pat her back a few times, and magic: she burps like an old man.
3.      The way she can give 40 different facial expressions in the span of about a minute. My favorite is the big eyes, little mouth expression. I also get a few fleeting smiles.
4.      The way she seems so peaceful and satisfied after she nurses. She usually falls asleep while laying on her Boppy.
5.      The way she stretches out and throws her fist up in the air, alongside her head. Sometimes it just stays up there. Mom hates that I call it ‘Power to the people’. Well, I could say, ‘Workers of the world unite,’ but I figured the former was less politically charged.
6.      The sweet little sounds the little hums and sighs, she makes. They seem to say, ‘ah, I’m so content.’
7.      The way she’s so focused when you talk or sing to her. She seems to like the French bird plucking song (Alouette) and the Mexican cockroach song (La Cucaracha)—upbeat (?) songs.
8.      The way she wraps her little arm around me when I’m holding her head above my shoulder to burp her. I didn’t realize what she was doing until I saw her doing it with my aunt. Maybe she’s trying to burp us?
9.      The way her crazy big toe sticks out during her Babinski reflex. Her little toes look just like mine and my dad’s, but that big toe is a bit whacky.

10.   The way she’s mine, and I get to keep her! Very cheesy, I know, but I still can’t get over it.


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