Ruthie and the Jumpstart Program

Ruthie is extremely excited to be participating in a program called Jumpstart this year. This is a program whereby college students are paired up with preschool students to do one-on-one tutoring and such, with various activities designed to help the kids learn and prepare them for kindergarten. Last year, space in the program was limited so they did a lottery to choose which kids would participate, and Ruthie was sad to not be picked; but this year all kids are participating and she is so excited. Her “Jumpstart Buddy” comes twice a week and they do all kinds of fun stuff. The main focus is on literacy, so they do a lot of word games and songs and so forth — all of which Ruthie loves. She already knows that Mondays and Wednesdays are Jumpstart days, and she’ll wake up first thing in the morning, “It’s a Jumpstart day today!” 🙂

So apparently each of the “buddies” (the college students) was supposed to write a little note to the parents/family of his/her assigned child, introducing him/herself and so on. So I got a note from Ruthie’s buddy, whose name is Nicole. She starts out by saying where she’s from and a little bit about herself, and then: “I am so excited to be working with Ruth this year! Ruth has done nothing but impress me so far during our sessions. She is bright, considerate, and always tries her best. On the first day she already knew all the letters in her own name and most of the letters in everyone else’s names.”

🙂 Yep, that’s my girl! She does know all her letters (how to write them, at least) and what sounds most of them make, and she can do some sounding-out of simple words. And she sure as heck isn’t shy about letting you know what she can do. 😉

In a similar vein, the preschool teachers recently started doing a little weekly report for each child — just a little chart where they write a few things that the child played with/worked on for each day, and then at the bottom there’s a space for the teachers to write a little something about the kid’s week. Last Friday, Ruthie’s weekly report read as follows: “Ruth has a wonderful imagination and really inspires friends to join her play. Teachers will often play songs of Ruthie’s choosing. She sings the words and is proud of her accomplishments.”

That’s for darn sure! “Proud of her accomplishments” is a lovely tactful way of saying that she likes to brag about what she can do. 😉 And she does love to sing, is always coming home and performing for me the latest songs she learned at preschool. The other day she spent like ten minutes sitting on the toilet singing “Five little speckled frogs sat on a speckled log” at the top of her lungs. lol.

Every morning I pull the car up to Isaac’s school and he hops out. Then I drive on to Ruthie’s preschool to drop her off. When Isaac gets out of the car at his school, I always blow him a kiss and say “I love you, have a good day.” This morning I was still on the blowing-a-kiss part, when Ruthie goes, “I love you Isaac! Have a good day!” 🙂 ♥

Don’t get me wrong, Ruthie can be a real pain in the rear end too sometimes. It’s funny — when Isaac was a baby, people told me that the “terrible twos” are a myth and that actually age 3 is a lot harder; but I’ve personally found 4 to be more difficult with both kids so far. And Ruthie is much more difficult than I remember Isaac ever being. But she’s also so smart, funny, and sweet. It’s what keeps us from wanting to strangle her. 😉

Ruthie is also an incurable chatterbox. OMG she can talk and talk and talk. The other day at pickup time she started right in chattering away about her day, and Isaac impatiently said “Mama can you make her stop talking? I’m getting annoyed!” LOL — but of course my answer was no, I can’t, and anyway I wouldn’t want to, because I love to hear about her day. But still.

Last Saturday we were driving to gymnastics class and Ruthie was again chattering away nonstop. But then all of a sudden she stopped, and then she says, “mama, I have to pause this talking for a minute.” I was like, “oh really, how come?” And she points at a donut shop and yells “DUNKIN’ DONUTS!” And then resumes her story. ROTFL!


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