Donor Sibling!

A while back, I posted on my sperm bank’s sibling registry that I was expecting a baby girl on August 2nd. Since mine was a newer donor, I wasn’t surprised that mine was the first post.

But then the other day, I got an email from another mom who’s expecting a baby girl from the same donor! She and her partner are due in November, so my baby will have a donor/half sister just 2-3 months younger than her. I’m so excited! I never had any expectations that she wouldn’t have any donor sibs, and actually kind of wanted her to have them. Since my family is so small, and she may not end up with any siblings or cousins (ok, we have one pseudo-cousin who turned 6 today), I thought it would be really cool for her to have these other “family members”. Not necessarily a huge number, but a few.

I don’t have any specific expectations of what type of or how much contact there would be, but even just sharing pictures, stories, emails, etc. would be cool. And I’d definitely be interested in meeting other families in person at some point, unless my daughter just really wasn’t interested. But even when she’s young, I think it would be nice to have some sort of contact, and then things could always change if she got older and chose not to continue any sort of relationship.

So, I emailed the mom back, and she emailed me back again, and said she and her partner would definitely be interested in sharing pictures and having the girls write letters to each other when they’re a little older, and possibly meeting up at some point if the girls are interested, depending on how things develop. And that if there end up being other families who join the registry, maybe there could be a reunion in a different city every year or so. Sounds good to me!

I’ll send her pictures of my baby when she’s born, and I’m sure she and her partner will do the same, and we’ll take it from there. But what a unique, interesting experience it is to connect with another mom of a baby conceived from the same donor. I love it!

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3 thoughts on “Donor Sibling!”

  1. I am so happy for you!! I have had the same experience. My son just turned 1 and we have been in contact with his half sister and his mommies for the past two or three months… Even though they live literally halfway around the world, I hope my son and his big sister will meet one day… We have exchanged birthday gifts (she is just 4 weeks older than him) and I plan to save all our correspondence, so he will know one day see that his sister and her family have loved him almost all his life, as we have loved them… I hope your relationship continues to grow!!

  2. I am in touch with 7 sibling families…14 kids all together! I love them! It’s an amazing relationship. We have a FB page and we share photos and stories. Such a blessing. Congrats!!!

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