So it’s going to be one of THOSE days…

when all I can do is think about how amazingly happy and fulfilled I am right now.  You thought I was going to bitch and moan, huh? Nope.  I have never been so happy in my entire life.  EVER.  I love LOVE love being Eddie’s mom.  He’s just so amazingly adorable and every morning when it’s time to get him from his crib, I feel like my day can really begin (and I complain about it being too early but shhh… I really don’t mind getting an extra 1/2 hour with him because he woke at 4:30 am).

When he smiles at me or does something new, I am so proud to call him MY SON.  He’s just made every day worth living.  I’ve had some regrets in my past but this decision to have a baby on my own will never be one of them!



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