Ten Years Today!

Today my daughter, Tricia, has been home from Romania and a part of our family for ten years! I can’t believe that it has been so long. The time has just flown by. To celebrate, I’m going to take her after school to her new favorite place, YoGo Crazy, for frozen yogurt. I’ve told her that she may invite one friend to go with us.

Lately she has become interested in renewing the search for her birth mother and in her Romanian heritage in general. In school, they are working on a project for January where they will be a well known person in a “wax museum” and dress like that person and talk about the person. Tricia chose to be Romanian gymnast Nadia Comaneci.

After being involved in the adoption process for several years, when I saw the picture of 3 month old Tricia, I knew without any doubt that she was my daughter. She was supposed to come home at 7 months, but the adoption process got stalled when Romania declared a moratorium on international adoptions. Finally when she was 23 months old, she was allowed to come home.

That was ten years ago today. She arrived in her new country not knowing a word of English, and saying Romanian words like “lapte,” (milk), “hai de” (come here), and her favorite “bo bo” (for “bomboane,” candy), as well as some words and phrases that I didn’t understand. She quickly lost the Romanian and learned English, and now is praised by her teachers for her creative writing skills. She plays piano and violin and sings in the chorus, she plays basketball and soccer, and now wants to learn gymnastics. And as much as her pre-teen behaviors drive me crazy at times, she is really very mature and responsible for her age. My “baby” is now a young lady of almost 12, with us 10 years today, and I am so proud of her.



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