How Could I Love Someone This Much?

Sometimes I find myself so crazy in love with my little Sidekick that I can’t stand it!  I never knew I could love a little being the minute he was born. (I was so afraid that I wouldn’t have this feeling right away.)  Of course I love him when he makes me laugh because he’s so funny, when he gives me open mouthed kisses, when he crawls on my lap to read a book he has brought me, and when he points to my Bose saying “mo, mo, mo” and then starts dancing.  But I’m always surprised when I still find myself loving him during sleepless nights, during his tantrums, when he feeds the dog from his high chair and laughs when I tell him “no”, when he unplugs the bathtub and gets angry when I take the plug away from him, and when he challenges me  — which seems like 95% of the time.

There have been several times when I’ve walked into his room while he is sleeping, stare at him for awhile still amazed that he is mine, and then end up picking him up.  I think I might have a disorder of some sorts because the urge to do this will sometimes overtake me!  : )  I just get a sudden need to hold his warm, sweet smelling body.  I’ve done this several times for a few minutes and then laid him back down.  How could I love someone so much.



2 thoughts on “How Could I Love Someone This Much?”

  1. I can so relate! I feel the same way about my 13- month old daughter. I never knew it was possible to love someone so much!

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