Family Month at Daycare

It’s family month at Norah’s day care and we were asked for family pictures. They make little collages and write the names of family members by them (“Me & Mommy,” that sort of thing). I was so worried about Norah feeling like the odd girl out with our little Single Mother by Choice (SMC) family that I totally overcompensated. I brought in about 6 different pictures — including ones of Norah with me, with 2 different sets of grandparents (my parents are divorced and remarried), and I also included pictures of our dog. I told the teachers that I probably went overboard, and they should just pick a couple to use and give back the rest.

Well, I went in the next day and saw that they made Norah the biggest collage with the most photos and the most family members in it. There were several other kids whose mat just has their family’s holiday card photo from last Christmas, and hers is bursting with photos. Family truly is what you make of it!



3 thoughts on “Family Month at Daycare”

  1. After enduring, a few years of art projects for a nonexistent dad and the tears that come with the week long “Celebration of Fathers”, I have resorted to going on a vacation that week.

    1. This topic is one that’s frequently discussed on our online Forum and at our local meetings. Please join us if you’d like to discuss!

  2. I always feel like the only one too, and then search the other collages for signs of another parent. Surprising, mines not the only single parent family. Be proud of your family, no matter how big or small.

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