Two years ago at this time Kevin and I had been broken up for almost a week.

He needed some time to decide if he was ready to love a woman with a young child, and become part of the instant family he never thought he would have (or want!).

I knew then that we would be together and told him, with a confidence I am still amazed I had:  “you take as long as you need… I am not giving up on this, or you, and I will still be here after you decide”(and I meant it).

A year later, we celebrated Thanksgiving together. We spent the day at my sister’s house with my entire family, and it was wonderful. Overwhelmingly, amazingly wonderful. The best Thanksgiving I have ever had.

Now Kevin and I are living together and creating this bond that I have never had with any other relationship. It is so different. We are a family, and we together are raising my child who I always thought I would raise alone.

I hear Aidan call him Dad, and the word sounds so strange, yet comfortable.
New, but so good.

My new family celebrating our first Thanksgiving.
I am overwhelmingly, and gloriously thankful.


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