I Want Daddy

iStock_000003068445teddy“I WANT DADDY!” Cara woke up from a late nap crying and fussing and then she started screaming, wailing, “I WANT DADDY!”

She has never expressed any desire for a dad or concern about not having a dad but there’s been a couple of threads on the private Single Mothers by Choice (SMC) Forum recently about other four-year-olds wanting dads who never really had seemed to care before. Still, she’s really shown zero interest so I thought maybe I misunderstood. Do you mean Papa? My dad. You want Papa? “NO! DADDY DADDY!” Still thinking she must be saying something else. Dani? (A good friend and babysitter.) Do you want Dani? “Nooooo! Daddy!” Getting desperate, I start throwing other ideas out: Grammy? Blankie? She gets more ticked off. “NOOOOO! DADDDY! I WANT MY DADDY!”

I give up on translating and start the talk. Ya know the one. Cara, you know we don’t have a dad in our family. We’re a mom and kid family. There are all different kinds of families…

Cara is in no mood for the talk. Keeps screaming for Daddy. Until she cries and screams herself out. 40 minutes of screaming meltdown. Eventually she calms down. Later goes into her room and gets her beloved stuffed puppy off her bed for cuddles. Picks him up, hugs him close and sighs his name “Teddy”. When she says teddy it sounds like deddy. Daddy. My daddy. Teddy. My Teddy.

So basically she’s screaming for her stuffy and I am giving her the “daddy talk”. Good grief!


3 thoughts on “I Want Daddy”

  1. lol sorry, I can’t stop giggling. The poor little sod! I was so heart broken for her at first, and then it turned into such a hilarious situation.

    “Cara, you know we don’t have a teddy in our family. We’re a mom and kid family.”

  2. Oh goodness, lol! This made me sad at first then really made me laugh. Dear Cara has no idea how much angst she caused you. Glad it happened in the privacy of your home.
    I still have some time before my 7 month old asks for his “teddy/daddy” (smile).
    Warm hugs to you and Cara.

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