Why I Want to Be a Mother

I want to share my vision of the world with my child; that life is expansive, not restrictive. that life is joyful and involves down time and bad times, but is exhilarating more often than it is draining or exhausting. I have lived in several countries, and cultures, and I want to pass on the knowledge that the world is a large place, and that there is a place and purpose for everyone, even several of each for you in one lifetime. I want to open their hearts to really believing in and pursuing their dreams.

I want to integrate them into my very large, loving family–they have numerous cousins waiting for them!

I want to teach them my native language, and pass on our rich Indian heritage to them. I want them to meet their great-grandmother, one of the greatest ladies I know. I want them to feel the love of their grandparents, my parents, who are more generous with their love and indulgence to their grandchildren than anyone I know. I want my nieces, who currently fill my heart every time I see them, to jump for joy at hearing that they’re getting a cousin/cousins. I want my oldest niece, who is quite maternal at 8, to take my son’s hand and lead him to the monkey bars, the jump rope, and basketball hoop.

I want to watch them blossom with the best education I can provide. Our life together itself is going to be an education. I want to live overseas for one or two tours, as my profession allows for living “in the field”. It will enrich us as a family, and them intellectually, spiritually, culturally and emotionally.

I want to watch them choose a passion/hobby, an instrument, dancing, sports, and feel the satisfaction of learning it, of overcoming obstacles, of learning to be an effective team member, whether on a sports team, dance troupe, or band/orchestra.

I want to share laughter, and be there for the tears. I want to show them that the tears always clear.

I want us as a family to take healthy food, and healthy sleeping habits that nourish the mind and soul, as a matter of course. I want to provide the security of boundaries and loving discipline that allow them to spend their energy on spiritual, emotional and intellectual growth.

I want to watch them graduate from high school, choose a college, fall in love, build circles of friends that carry them through early adulthood, and on into the later years (for however many of them I am here to see it).

In 20 years, I want them to be visiting their cousins wherever they are in the world. I want all of us parents in my family to know that we have given our children the most important foundation we can–a loving, interconnected, supportive family.

I want to teach them about unconditional love — but I suspect that I will be the student in this, after my child/children and I are united.


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