I’m Pregnant!!!

Yes, you read the title correctly! I’m currently 15 weeks along, and I’m very excited!!

My 1st trimester was a breeze — I was really lucky. No morning sickness at all. I hardly noticed I was pregnant, except that I was pretty tired. But it was nerve wracking not having any symptoms because I didn’t have the daily confirmation that I was still pregnant. I’m now in the clear, getting bigger and am feeling confident!

Since this is slightly unconventional, I’ll answer some Frequently Asked Questions below (no, I haven’t been asked all these questions, but I have been asked some of them, and I know you’re thinking them! :))

No, you didn’t miss anything… I’m not married.  And, no, this wasn’t an “accident.”

This was very well planned out, like many things in my life. I decided to do this because I wanted to have a baby so badly, and didn’t want to have to wait until I got married. I’m just changing the traditional order, and am having a child first, and then I’ll find the man.

No, there is no “Dad”.
I got pregnant from an Anonymous Sperm Donor, and I am doing this solo! (with the support of amazing friends and family)

Yes, it was a difficult decision to choose the Donor.
It’s sort of like online dating… profile, photos, audio interviews, essays, etc. I chose an Open ID donor, so my child can contact him when s/he is 18 years old.

Yes, I do realize this is going to be difficult.
But I know it will be SOOO worth it!

Yes, I’m still open to dating.
It may be strange for a man to date a pregnant woman, but it HAS happened before (I even know a few success stories!). And, I do plan on getting married at some point — hopefully sooner rather than later!

No, I don’t know the sex of the baby.
Currently, my decision is that I am not going to find out until the birth. But that could change any day

Yes, I’ll take any help I can get!
Please sign up at the link below (just kidding!). But, if you want to babysit, donate any used baby items, cook for me — I’ll take anything! I’m going to get really good at asking for help.

Yes, I’m slightly crazy
Enough said.


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