Ready For Baby?

Sitting in my office at work today, I realized that one year ago I was in the midst of trying to decide if I truly could make the leap to begin Trying To Conceive (TTC), as a single mother. This deliberation placed me face to face with all of my fears including:

  • What if having this baby prevents me from meeting Mr. Right, down the road?
  • What if this baby comes and instead of feeling bliss, I feel resentment that my childfree life is gone?
  • What if this baby comes and we don’t gel personality wise?
  • And the mega-of-all what-ifs… What if I completely lose my sense of self, as I’ve seen so many mothers do?

These and many other thoughts swirled around in my mind, as I struggled with the concept of facing this momentous life event… alone… Alone – what a hollow word; I was still wrestling with the fact that I was going to parent alone.

However, after many tears, prayers, and helpful dialogue with a supportive therapist, I came to the realization that alone does not have to equate with being lonely. I would be parenting alone but I could choose to not be isolated, in other words, single motherhood would not be a death sentence to being lonesome. This revelatory discovery brought me great peace and provided the answer to what-if #1. But, that still left what-ifs 2, 3, and 4!

To be quite frank, I don’t yet have an answer for what-if #2 or 3. I guess only time will tell how I feel post-baby. I’ve read enough to know that I will likely experience a full range of emotions from shock to maybe even sheer terror. Yet, I’m hopeful that my baby will come and be a wonderful complement to the life I’ve built. And as I reflect on this life I’ve created thus far, I realize that therein is the answer to #4.

I am the one who establishes my sense of self. I am the one who sets boundaries for what I need. I am. Those two simple words remind me that I will always have me, no matter where life takes me or who enters it.

In hindsight, I realize that this past year has been a preparatory one for me. In the midst of being alone, I discovered the greatest gift I could ever receive… ME… and with this intact sense of self, I feel ready to share with another. I guess I’m finally ready to meet my baby.

Dr. Donna


5 thoughts on “Ready For Baby?”

  1. Thank you for posting. I am so filled with the what-if right now. Especially what if I am too old. I have no idea what the out-come of things will be…the thing is no one really knows. I am committed to this process because it is what I want. I am glad for like minded individuals like you. Best wishes

  2. Your post is inspirational for the moms, especially for the pregnant women. Your experiences and feelings of becoming a mother is really appreciable.

  3. I read this and remember asking myself all of those questions and feeling all of those fears.
    For me, my biggest fear was “what if I never become a mom.”

    My son is seven now! He’s the best decision I ever made!


  4. This is a truly inspiring post – thank you. I have only just become conscious of the concept of being a SMC and this is precisely what I needed to read.

    Good luck with everything Donna. Stay true to yourself through it all.

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