Mentoring Meeting

“I was just thinking last night, ‘I wonder what K will tell me tomorrow?'”

That was my mentor’s response. “What’s new?” asked my mentor. I reared back in my seat to reveal my bump. Her eyes were as big as saucers. I think she immediately knew what I meant, but she had to catch herself and asked, “Are you….?” I confirmed that I was indeed pregnant. She was so happy for me and announced, “Oh, I want to be Aunt L!” She confessed that she was always intrigued by what I would say each month when we met. But, boy, she never expected anything like this! It was nice to see that she was so supportive and offered her help if I needed anything. “Sometimes, you just need to tell people what you need and let them take care of it.” And subtly cautioned me on my ardent independence.

Of course, with her comment about my unpredictability, she had figured me out pretty quickly. In grad school, one of my roomie’s looked at me and said, “C and I were just talking yesterday, and you know, we wouldn’t be at all surprised if you walked up to us tomorrow and told us that you were married.” I laughed. It was the truth. Of course, my dad had a not-as-kind way to put this characteristic personality trait. He was aggravated with me for some reason, and he said, “Dang K, when you get a wild hair up your a**, there’s no stopping you!” And so it is. That’s not to say that little Boop wasn’t the product of considerable thought and effort, but after being stuck on someone for 4 years and my decreasing fertility, I realized that he didn’t care for me. Well, I’m not the first person to find myself in that situation, but I wish I were the last.

Ah well, I’m lucky to be born in the age that I am. I can get as much education as I want, have a good shot at a decent paying job, own my own home, and be a parent without forcing myself into an unhappy relationship. Speaking of opportunities, I got a Ganesh yesterday; my student brought it back to me from India after his wedding. Apparently, Ganesh is the elephant-headed son of Shiva (the one with many arms), and Ganesh will bring me and Boop much prosperity 😉 I also was greeted by a Chinese money cat at the Japanese restaurant today. All are good signs!



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“I used to think that becoming an SMC was my plan B, but it was the best decision I ever made. My son is my pride and joy. I can't imagine life without him. I am thankful that I had support along the way through the SMC community. I no longer consider it my plan B.”

– Anonymous