My Life: Pre vs. PostKids

Besides making the little people running around my house safe from monsters nightly, there have been some definite changes in my life since I became a Mom.  So many aspects of my life today would be unrecognizable to my former self.  Here are some big ones:

My workouts. Before kids, I went to the gym at least four, usually five or six times a week.  I had memberships in three different gyms, for the different convenient locations and variety.  I kept an “emergency” gym bag ready to go in my trunk in case I had an unexpected chunk of time and could fit in an extra workout.  I had such “emergencies” frequently.

Post kids, I try to take a walk if I get a chance at lunch at work.  I have a  gym membership and I went last month.  Once.  Or was it the month before?  There is a new location I mean to check out, but I am not exactly sure where it is.

My house.  My mediocre housekeeping skills are no match for these two little people!  Pre kid, I had the luxury of remote controls being where I left them, and my living room floor had a vast emptiness about it.  My cleaning lady came every week, though I no longer remember exactly what there was for her to clean.

Post kids, I enjoy frequent remote control scavenger hunts, with the Lego strewn foot avoidance techniques.  My cleaning lady, when I can get one to come back, visits monthly, and seems a bit overwhelmed.  I get it, trust me, I get it. And, in between—well, have you seen the new Swiffer?

My hair.  I used to have an appointment with my stylist every four weeks for cut, color, and style advice.  I booked two months ahead so I wouldn’t miss a week and have a root show.  I spent actual time in the mornings before work styling my hair to show off my latest cut.  I used a hair dryer, curling irons (small and large), crimpers, mouse, barrettes, and hair spray just to mention a few things.

Post kids, I tape a note on the inside of my medicine cabinet so I can remember when I last touched up my roots.  I have my own scissors from the beauty supply store so I can trim my own bangs (a task that is so much harder than it seems on paper), and every three or four months I will remember to book an appointment for a trim, the caveat being that it has to pull easily into a ponytail or look good just brushed in the mornings because that is all I have time for. My current styling tools are a brush and hair rubber bands.

Huge differences! Those are just three areas my life is almost unrecognizable post kids.  But, when I look in their beautiful eyes or watch their sweet sleeping forms, would I change a thing?  Absolutely not!


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