One Thing

Bringing a child into this world is such a daunting task itself. And even more nerve-wracking when you’re doing it alone. But I feel good about my decision and the support that I have received. I know it will not be easy but I am up for the challenge!

However, if I am being honest for a second… There is one thing that scares me the most about bringing a child into this world. And that thing which scares me the most about it is ensuring their safety! Especially in the wake of the trial of one police officer charged with killing a Black man and now the shooting of another Black man by police, this has been heavy on my mind.

As an African American woman, I will be raising a Black child in these times. Parents of Black children have to protect their kids from the usual dangers that other parents worry about. But on top of that, they must protect their children from internalizing the attacking messages that tell them they are not good enough, too violent, not smart enough, not pretty enough or not as valuable because of the color of their skin.

Questions that often come to my mind include:

• How do I help them embrace Black culture when the world wants to strip it away?
• At what point does my Black child become a threat to others/police?
• At what point do you have the inevitable “talk” with your child to increase their odds of coming home?
• How do I console my child, not if but when they have their first experience with racism?

• How do I help them process their feelings when I am so confused by my own?

This concern is the next task for me to address personally before my child is born. Because at the end of the day, I recognize that raising a Black child is a gift and its my job to empower them!


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