This is the season to think about all we are grateful for.  Of course, I am grateful for the kids, having a roof over our heads, our good health, having a career, our pets—all the basics.  *Yawn*

But there are some things I am grateful for that fall outside of the usual realm of gratitude lists.  I would like to share those here:

Most days I can still run faster than my four year old.  That is good because occasionally he still decides to explore “over there” and goes for it at top speed, ears “off”.

I am strangely proud that my son is smart enough to be manipulative.  Talking in his version of his sister’s high pitched voice, telling me that she wants ice cream…and, well, okay, he would take a little, too.

I am continually impressed with the heights my daughter ascends to and that she is strong enough to be a little monkey.   I will turn my back for two seconds and find her sitting on top of something like the toy box I set on the coffee table where I put my son’s Power Ranger action figures to keep them safe from her.

My house is big enough for all of us, but not so big it takes more than one day to clean.  We will never get lost in it, and we spend more togetherness time than we might in an appropriately-sized house.

That my son’s car seat not only protects him from many injuries in the event of a crash, but keeps him out of the driver’s seat.  As long as he is four years old, I am adamant that I, not he, will be the driver.

That chasing kids around burns calories, as that is my main form of exercise since having kids and I will take all the cardio I can get.

That my friends are as quirky as I am.  It’s no fun standing alone letting my freak flag fly, and I am glad we can all be unique in our own, individual ways.

I am grateful that there are people who share in my off-beat humor, and will laugh at my jokes.

That I can stay awake at my day job most days on little-to-no sleep (and someone invented energy drinks for the days that are too challenging).

Finally, I am grateful that I can legally drink all the caffeine I want and still legally drive, go to work, and care for my children, for without it, I would likely collapse.

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!