First Year as an SMC: My Expectations and Realities

I can’t believe Claudette is 10 months and I’m planning her first birthday. Been working on her baby book and I’m already struggling to remember some stuff about the first few months! Seems so long ago in some ways…but also just like yesterday. As my first year of motherhood comes to a close, I’ve been thinking about what it’s been like – what turned out like I expected and what was different. Wondering how it’s been for other moms who are now coming to the end of their first year.

1. I did not expect to have sleep deprivation for this long – that she still would not be sleeping through the night at 10 mos. No one ever says this. All I ever heard was how most babies sleep through the night at 3-4 mos. Liars! LOL The sleep deprivation has been brutal.

2. Did not expect the physical toll to be so high. I have had knee issues, back issues and carpal tunnel due to carrying around this growing baby! Some days I am really feeling 50.

3. Did not expect that she would be so demanding. She is not a baby who will sit and play by herself for long. I thought I’d get stuff done, maybe could work from home. HAHAHAHAHA! It’s only recently that I have been able to get anything done.

4. Loving her like crazy – yes, I expected that and it has made my heart feel so full. I feel so satisfied. Like a piece of my life puzzle is now in place. Mornings when we are playing together I just feel so happy and fulfilled.

5. I did not know how hard it would be to spend 12 hours with a baby – talking baby talk, entertaining her, keeping her happy. The hardest hours for me are between 3 and 7. I just start to lose steam.

6. It has surprised me how connected we are to each other. We have our own language. I know what she wants, what makes her laugh and soothes her. And she gets me – she knows when I’m being funny, etc.

7. Surprised by how many outfits we can go through – people told me about this, but until you live it and see how messy they are when they eat, how they can spit up, then have a diaper leak…that’s a lot of laundry!

8. Did not expect how amazing it would be to watch her develop. It’s just a miracle of life to see how day by day she changes – learns new things, has new facial expressions, gets a new tooth, is able to pick things up. The speed by which she’s changing and growing mentally and physically is amazing.

9. Did not expect how much she would make me laugh – she cracks me up at least once a day.

Although some of my expectations have been different from the realities, I absolutely love being a mom and know I made the right choice. I love that I am constantly being challenged to grow in a new direction and I love learning about what it is to be a mom.

Leslie C


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