Not Prepared

As a new parent, you try to prepare for everything by reading books, joining apps, searching blogs, and googling. But there is one thing no one can ever prepare you for and that’s the MOM GUILT!

The constant worrying about making mistakes, leaving your child, and trying to get everything right. It’s usually unnecessary, unhelpful, and makes an already difficult job much harder.

Mom guilt is so real and takes a major toll on your emotions and confidence. While some level of guilt is normal, beating yourself up over it, only makes things worse. So where does that unrealistic expectation or ideal of a perfect mom come from?

Some of the top causes of mom guilt surround breastfeeding, being a working mom, allowing too much screen time, losing your temper, not spending enough time with your kids, and having to ask for help. As an SMC, that is also compounded by bringing a child into this world without a father. I can say I’ve experienced my fair share of mom guilt related to all of the above. It’s been an ongoing struggle but a few things I try to remember include giving myself grace, challenging those negative thoughts, identifying ways to engage in self care, having supportive people around me, knowing it’s ok to take a break, and most importantly seek professional help if needed. I also allow myself to be present and play with my daughter as much as possible. Her smiles and cuddles help to remind me, I’m doing something right!


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– Sophie Holland