Pledging to Support IVF

“Guarantee the right to IVF. Guarantee it Nationwide.” – President Joe Biden

In his recent State of the Union address on March 7th, President Biden delivered a strong statement of support for women’s rights and advancements in reproductive health, highlighting the importance of IVF research and funding. It is the first time in American History that IVF was mentioned in a formal presidential address. His acknowledgment and commitment to changing the lack of funding for female medical care and research was paramount, and by bringing this issue to the masses he has sent a powerful indication of his support for inclusivity and diverse family structures.

That very same week, a bill granting civil and criminal immunity for in vitro fertilization service providers and receivers was passed into law in Alabama. While the bill falls short of offering full protections for those seeking and providing IVF, it provides the necessary safeguards for two Alabama clinics to resume services.

As a follow up to our recent response to the Alabama Supreme Court ruling, we wanted to share this message of hope: While there’s more to go, both Biden’s address and the quick turnaround by Alabama lawmakers is a move in the right direction. The public outrage and presidential support are a reminder that reproductive rights are essential for those thinking about the SMC path. We will continue to keep the conversations going around these evolving issues. SMC is committed to empowering and assuring that women nationwide can thrive with any family structure they choose. Together we aim to uplift our SMC community and all families.


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