A Single Mother by Choice (SMC) is a woman willing to take the initiative. Her child might have been conceived or adopted. What we all have in common is a willingness to take on the joys and responsibilities of raising a child, knowing that we will be parenting alone – at least at the outset.

  1. Our goals are to offer support and information to single women who are considering or have chosen motherhood, to provide a peer group for our children, and to enhance the public’s understanding of single mothers by choice.
  2. Single Mothers by Choice (SMC) is not an advocacy group. We do not feel it is fair to urge a woman who may not have the emotional or financial resources, or who does not feel she would be able to handle single parenting, to get into an impractical or overextended situation. Single parenting is challenging enough for the woman who is sure and prepared.
  3. In the absence of a good partnership, and with the rate of divorce as high as it is, we believe, and research has shown, that being raised by a caring and competent single parent is definitely a viable option.
  4. The word “choice” in our name has two implications: we have made a serious and thoughtful decision to take on the responsibility of raising a child by ourselves, and we have chosen not to bring a child into a relationship that is not a satisfactory one.

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