Response to the Alabama Supreme Court Ruling

With many of our members thinking about or choosing the route of IVF, we understand the significant concerns following the recent Alabama Supreme Court decision that has categorized frozen embryos as ‘children’. We’ve seen these concerns discussed and expressed on our Forum.

Single Mothers by Choice stands in solidarity with statements that have been made by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, many reproductive clinics, and the broader community that is advocating for reproductive rights and diverse family- building choices. We recognize the exclusionary precedent this decision could have for those who are choosing single motherhood and align ourselves with organizations that are working to safeguard reproductive choices and fertility services.

We’d like to share an educational resource from Fertility IQ that focuses on “special considerations for the those pursuing fertility treatments in the United States”, and an interview from the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health with an

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“I joined when I was in the Thinking stage. The forum was exactly what I needed to research the SMC experience. I felt more confident with that support and information, and am now a mom to a baby boy!”

– Anonymous