When you become pregnant as a single woman, it can feel like a great accomplishment and a fulfillment of a lifetime dream. It can also feel a bit lonely at times.

If you join or are a member of Single Mothers by Choice (SMC) while you are pregnant, you will likely find other pregnant SMCs in your local chapter if there is one near you. You can also participate in our 24/7 online Forum where you can be part of a cohort of other Forum members who are due to give birth around the same time as you are (and also learn about the many stages of mothering which will be coming before you know it).

Sharing the pregnancy journey and the future mothering years with other SMCs, particularly those whose due dates are close to yours, can be both enjoyable and informative.


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“I joined SMC when my son was a baby, and he's about to turn 21! The wealth of knowledge and support I've received from SMC got me through some really hard times and I found some great friends. We are a diverse group, and yet we are wholeheartedly there for one another.”

– Nancy N