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Full MembershipOrder Full Membership

Full Membership is $55 for the first year.  You can also purchase a two-year membership for $95 or a three-year membership for $130.  A lifetime membership is available for $199.

Membership includes:

  • Access to a Directory of Members for your area and contact information for the local Contact Person (CP). The Contact Person will give you local chapter meeting information.
  • Participation in our private online 24/7 discussion Forum.
  • Resources for Donor Insemination and Adoption.
  • A one-year subscription to our quarterly Newsletter.

Within a few days after you join, we will send you a “Welcome” email with information on how to access local contact information.

There are a limited number of partial scholarships available to those with financial need. Some local chapters may have additional fees.

Please note: membership in SMC is limited to single women who are planning to, or are raising their children alone, at least at the outset. Thinkers, Tryers and Moms are all welcome!

Forum/Newsletter MembershipOrder Forum/Newsletter Membership

  • Forum/Newsletter Membership is $35.
  • Includes access to contact information for the local Contact Person (CP) nearest to you, participation in our private online 24/7 discussion Forum, and a one-year subscription to our quarterly Newsletter.
  • The Newsletter subscription is included in your annual membership, so please do not order this if you have already joined.

About Our Discussion Forum

All of our members are invited to participate in our lively private 24/7 online discussion Forum where you can get support and information from thousands of other members. After you join SMC, you will be sent a “Welcome” email with instructions about how to gain access to this active Forum.

Forum Topics:

  • Community is a central gathering place for all of our members where we  discuss issues relating to all aspects of our lives as women.

Special-purpose Topics include, among many others:

  • Thinking for discussion of deciding whether or not to become an SMC.
  • Dating for discussion of dating and relationship building as a Single Mother by Choice.
  • TTC for discussion of the process of trying to conceive, including infertility.
  • Pregnancy for discussion of pregnancy.
  • Adoption for discussion of the adoption process and parenting an adopted child.
  • Workplace for discussion of work-related issues.
  • Money Matters for discussion of finances, budgeting, and related topics.

And there are also Age/Grade-related Topics for discussion of practical parenting issues:

  • Infants for discussion of parenting children from birth to 1 years of age.
  • Toddlers for discussion of parenting children from 1 to 3.
  • PreSchool for discussion of parenting children from 3 through Pre K
  • School Age for discussion of parenting children in grades K-5.
  • Middle School for discussion of parenting middle school children, grades 6-8.
  • High School for discussion of parenting children in grades 9 and up.
  • College and Beyond for discussion of parenting children after High School.

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