The Unexpected

I am a Single Mother by Choice and a twin mom, and I fell into the terrified camp when I learned my embryo adoption had been extremely successful. We managed with the help of my grown daughter for the first two years. My twins seemed to be having more struggles than is typical, and eventually both were diagnosed with autism. Tossing tenure and a good salary, we moved to where the services were, as I wasn’t about to accept the possible future that had been painted for them by some experts.

Now almost ten years old, both children are fully mainstreamed and completely communicative. While each has had significant setbacks at times, they are both quite successful in their own ways. When beginning my SMC journey, a double dose of autism was not even among the subjects I pondered as a thinker. I knew my life was about to change, … Continue reading

“I joined when I was in the Thinking stage. The forum was exactly what I needed to research the SMC experience. I felt more confident with that support and information, and am now a mom to a baby boy!”

– Anonymous