First Steps

Recently I’ve made the first move into becoming an SMC. I paid a visit to my doctor-it was as simple as that.  Technically there were many unofficial first steps before that, such as the research, the saving, and of course,  joining the SMC organization.  But this, however, is the first concrete action that I could mark on the calendar as the first day, a tangible act that will propel me closer to my goal.

Such a small act to accomplish, yet it took me forever to muster the courage.  Reaching out to my doctor was the first time I had ever vocalized wanting to be a mother to another person. Everyone who knows me has known me by my no-child-having stance that has stood firm for the last 20 or so years. I haven’t really updated anyone on this yet; for now I like keeping the secret to myself, it … Continue reading

FertilityIQ Surveys – U.S. Fertility Patients

I am very excited to share this great news: You’ve probably heard about FertilityIQ? FertilityIQ is an independent platform where verified fertility patients anonymously assess their fertility doctor, nurse, clinic, billing department and more. The data is free and really helps fertility patients to choose (or avoid) a doctor or clinic.

Now SMC has an opportunity to both contribute to FertilityIQ, and to benefit SMCs. Our thinkers and tryers can look up other women’s experiences with clinics and doctors. Those who are pregnant and already moms can help members who are just starting out by providing information about their fertility resources.

And FertilityIQ will make a donation to SMC for everyone referred by SMC who assesses their fertility doctor on FertilityIQ!  

To ensure that SMC gets credit for the surveys, the person responding needs to type in “SMC” in answer to the question at the end of the survey

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“SMC has been a huge inspiration to me from the moment I became a member. I got to know many wonderful women who encouraged me to take the leap of faith and whose support over the years was just great. I treasure the life-long friendships that I have developed.”

– Rada Lankina