Accepting Our Children For Who They Are

I have had a really tough month with Emilia over selecting high schools. I realize part of this is my own dream of how I thought it would go. No matter how many people I poll… I know it comes down to can I accept Emilia for who she is?

When I adopted Emilia I didn’t think much about schools because I moved into a neighborhood with good schools and decided she would go there. I did however decide that I wanted her to go to the all girls high catholic high school downtown. So I opened up a little UGM account and put in $100 per month with the sole purpose of funding high school. Fast forward… the girls high school was not for her, I wanted her to at least apply, she was firm it was a no.

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Pulling Away

I think it’s happening and I’m not ready!!

I’m sensing that Tate is pulling away from me. He’s growing up. He’s finding out that he can have his own opinion. He’s realizing that he can have things in common with his friends that I’m not privy to.

And I don’t like it.  Not one bit.

Over the past two months we’ve had several power struggles. I ask or tell him to do something and he doesn’t respond or do what I’ve asked the first time. That might sound strange, but Tate has been a child who would almost always do what I asked or said the first time. If I said “Come here” he would come here.  If I said “Please walk on the sidewalk” he’d do so with no questions. Now I’m getting, “Why?” “Do I have to?” “Why can’t I do X instead?”  I find myself repeating the

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“I felt at home in SMC and being around others who had the same dream was a great help. SMC support gave me confidence and encouragement throughout the process and the benefit of meeting other women who were on the same journey.”

– Anonymous