Do I Have What It Takes To Go It Alone?

I sometimes sense that when the thinkers and planners and tryers in Single Mothers by Choice (SMC) say they admire those of us who are already moms, there’s perhaps a sense of wonder about how we do it all and whether the aspiring mom is up to the task. I know when I was in the thinking phase, I often wondered the same about myself.

I wondered if those SMC moms possessed certain abilities I might lack, since it can be intimidating to see triathlon athletes and all the other high-powered and fabulous women who often frequent SMC’s private  online Forum.. Most specifically, on a personal level, I don’t consider myself a very high-energy person. Pre-baby, I loved to sleep in on the weekends and then curl up on the couch indulging in tons of TV watching and book reading. My idea of a good time is dining out and … Continue reading

“Are You Going to Bite Me?”

These are the words my sweet boy asked me yesterday evening as I sat with him on the floor at his train table.  He was trying to maneuver around me, or rather over me, as he was racing his trains around the track.  He came upon my legs for the first pass and said…

“Are you going to bite me?”

I was a bit appalled and said “No, of course not!”

He clambered over my legs and continued on and when he got back to my offending legs on the next pass, he looked at me in all seriousness and said again…“Are you going to bite me?”

And then I remembered.

I had swatted his hand as we were leaving the zoo this morning.  And it stung.  I know it stung from the way he started crying, not out of anger, but real sadness. I had been trying to … Continue reading

“I joined when I was in the Thinking stage. The forum was exactly what I needed to research the SMC experience. I felt more confident with that support and information, and am now a mom to a baby boy!”

– Anonymous