So many of our members tell us that they wish they had joined SMC earlier. They thought they had to wait to join until they had made a decision about single motherhood. This is not at all the case.

When you first start to consider whether or not to become a single mother, or start to plan what you will need to do, it can be difficult to discuss your thoughts with friends or family. About half the members of Single Mothers by Choice are not yet mothers, and half are already moms, and we all are happy to help you. You do not have to go through this decision-making process by yourself. And, if you want to protect your privacy while exploring this choice, yes, anonymity is possible.

You can find advice, wisdom, support and information through our local chapter meetings and/or our lively 24/7 online discussion Forum, which has a special area for Thinkers and planners, as well as for those trying to conceive or adopt, and for moms at all stages of single motherhood.

We encourage you to join SMC and make use of our unique peer-support network as you go through this very important decision-making process and figure out the best path for you.