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SMC’s have been a topic of conversation across media. We’ve selected here some interviews and video features that we thought would be especially relevant.



  • CBS Evening News

    A look at the growing trend of women becoming single parents by choice.

  • The Center For Family Building

    Jane Mattes, the founder of Single Mothers by Choice, shares her wisdom. A Donor Conception Conversations Podcast

  • CBS Mornings

    "CBS Mornings" national correspondent Jericka Duncan talks to single mothers by choice.

  • ABC Mornings

    Parenting without a partner: Single moms redefine modern family


  • Define the Narrative

    "Our Collective Narrative" - published May 13, 2023 Enjoy this episode of Define The Narrative Podcast with my very special guests Jane Mattes, Mikki Morrissette, Sarah Kowalski, and Mali Bain as we discuss the last forty years of women creating a family of their own.

  • Fertility Forward

    Ep 111: Single Mothers By Choice with Jane Mattes

  • Citrus Love

    Interview with Jane Mattes

  • Therapy Rocks!

    Interview with Jane Mattes

  • Fempower Health

    Interview with Jane Mattes

“I've been part of the SMC community since I was thinking about getting pregnant. They always have my back with useful, nuanced advice, trustworthy info, and personal experience. I feel honored to be a member, and to see all the children grow up alongside mine.”

– Sophie Holland